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SVA installation issue – “Unable to install SVA: com.symantec.vsep.VSEPException: bad certificate…”

Symantec Security Virtual Appliance (SVA) was failing to deploy on to my Esxi hosts, producing the following error in the logs and on screen:

“Unable to install SVA: com.symantec.vsep.VSEPException: bad certificate, fingerprint: 99:eb:e7:73:e1:63:54:2c:94:81:7a:aa:c3:b9:3a:67:04:73:2e:ee”

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SEPM12.1 – Security Virtual Appliance Unknown Status

I have recently deployed Symantec EndPoint Protection in our my environment.  Great product, unfortunately can be a little tricky to configure sometimes.

For the purposes of this post, I’m assuming you have installed and configured the following:

  • vShield Manager
  • Security Virtual Appliance on each Esxi host, SVA must be installed on each host hosting virtual machines using a vShield-enabled Shared Insight Cache.
  • Symantec EndPoint Protection Manager
  • Symantec EndPoint Protection Client

Once all of the above is installed and configured, you may find you are getting a “Unknown Status” in the Security Virtual Appliance column of the Client table in Symantec EndPoint Protection Manager.

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