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Managing NetApp HCI / Solidfire storage with PowerShell scripting

Just a few scripts I put together in preparation for a migration project which involves NetApp HCI iSCSI storage.

The same PowerShell modules work with Solidfire arrays as well.

Instructions on how to install the PowerShell modules and use them are in the following links.




Use the following script to create multiple volumes.

CSV should include a single column with header “Name” followed by volume names.

Volume name example:


$Account = Get-SFAccount esxiboot

$QoSPolicy = Get-SFQoSPolicy -Name qos-policy-1

$Volumes = (Import-CSV C:\temp\volumes.csv).Name

foreach ($Volume in $Volumes)
         New-SFVolume -Name $Volume -AccountID $Account.AccountID -TotalSize 7 -GB - 
         Enable512e:$true -QosPolicy $QoSPolicy.QoSPolicyID
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